VC Consulting is a niche management and business strategy consultancy firm based in Birmingham. We specialise in key industry sectors and our in-house skills and specific knowledge enable us to provide unique insight to our clients. 


Our core philosophy is to focus on the customer. This means providing services based on research into customer needs and constantly enhancing our expertise through continuing professional development. This is why we combine business and marketing know-how with direct industry knowledge and experience. Our team has a wide range of backgrounds, including engineering, economics, accountancy along with deep industry knowledge in minerals, marketing and finance. 


VC Consulting's values focus on life-long learning for our staff, constantly expanding our knowledge and understanding of marketing, strategy and finance. We then aim to impart this knowledge onto our customers and help them to apply this to their own organisation. VC Consulting continually strive to provide the customer with the services they really want, focusing on value rather than cost. Our clients expect us to demonstrate expert knowledge of our key services and their specific industry, which we aim to deliver as part of our core values. 


VC Consulting has a strong culture of encouraging diversity in both our employment of staff and our client focus. This includes cooperating closely with numerous BME organisations and paying particular attention to cultural sensitivities in all of our work.