Industries We Serve:

At VC Consulting, our industry foresight and knowledge is grounded in the identification of key issues that our clients face as well as firsthand experience gained from serving clients throughout our nearly 15-year history. As industries rapidly change, we help our clients navigate these shifts and give them the tools needed to survive and thrive. The industries we serve are:

Manufacturing & Engineering


Developing a successful business within the engineering & manufacturing sector offers many unique challenges. VC Consulting has extensive experience within this sector, through both academic and professional endeavour. Our services fall into four key areas, these being: 

  • Marketing

  • Strategy 

  • Finance

  • Operations


We offer these services in the form of training & mentoring, consultancy and direct implementation. 

Social & Public Sector


VC Consulting understands that Not for Profit (NfP) organisations have a dramatically different set of priorities to profit-making enterprises, but that the basic tenets of attracting resources, engaging users and managing costs remain the same.

Our services fit into the areas of training & mentoring, consultancy and implementation. 

A significant problem for NfP businesses is knowing where to focus their resources as the nature of their work changes through internal and external developments.

Professional Services


 VC Consulting offers a variety of training and mentoring services, mainly in the form of workshops and seminars. We understand that for service based firms, it is the expertise of your staff that constitute the most vital assets. This is why we have developed a range of intensive courses, based upon our extensive academic knowledge of business and marketing techniques. We cover three main areas:


  • Marketing

  • Strategy

  • Finance  

Other Industries


VC Consulting is involved in several projects within the Nuclear and Gas & Oil industries.


We are supporting an engineering firm to enter in the nuclear industry in the UK.
We are following a manufacturing client in the Oil & Gas industry for many years, implementing a global market strategy