Manufacturing & Engineering 

Developing a successful business within the engineering & manufacturing sector offers many unique challenges. VC Consulting has extensive experience within this sector, through both academic and professional endeavour. Our services fall into four key areas, these being: 

  • Marketing

  • Strategy 

  • Finance

  • Operations


We offer these services in the form of training & mentoring, consultancy and direct implementation. 

Many engineering and manufacturing businesses have difficulty prioritising marketing when they are pressed by time constraints from current work and cannot measure the return from their marketing investments.


Our approach is to create a concise action plan, where each stage of the process is identified and specific targets are set. To ensure the success of a marketing campaign, VC Consulting offer complementary services, such as training & mentoring for key staff or full marketing implementation, where we will take on the responsibility of lead generation.

Engineering services firms often struggle to differentiate their products from competitors and have difficulty outlining the features and benefits of such intangible services.

VC Consulting's approach is to help you focus on the areas where you can make a difference. Becoming recognised experts in your field is one of the best methods for differentiating your business and VC Consulting have extensive experience in developing the profile of engineering services firms.


Case Study - Arup Engineering

Arup Engineering (Arup) is a global engineering consultancy firm, who also specialise in design, planning and project management. The company employs over 10,000 people through a network of 92 offices in 37 countries.

Arup needed to research ideal markets for a new software tool, in this case a GIS consultancy system that they had developed. The key problem for the company was around understanding which features of the product would appeal to organisations in different sectors and how they should go about marketing the product. The main aim was to identify the key market for the product and create a sales strategy. 

VC Consulting carried out direct research amongst a large sample of public and private sector organisation. We targeted those that consult directly with the public and are required to process a large amount of data on different geographic fields. Our research was conducted through direct telephone interviews, where we managed to contact key personnel within planning departments to ascertain their views. 

Overall, the research helped Arup to identify where market demand was strongest and gave them unique insight into which features of the product were of most value.