Other Industries

Minining and Minerals

VC worked in conjunction with a major mining consultant to conduct a feasibility analysis for coal fields within Africa and Uzbekistan.

Case Study - AGM
Oil and Gas

VC developed marketing strategies to establish channels to market within UK and Europe for RECON new 3D geologoical interpretation software including implementation and direct sales.

VC worked to promote AGM’s Recon software to the EU Market.  The core focus of AGM is on both unconventionals and Geographix users for conventional oil and gas plays.


AGM developed RECON 3D interpretation software in response to the current technology breakthroughs which have transformed Oil and Gas E & P in the US. RECON is a powerful interpretation and visualisation tool to dramatically reduce cycle time to find and replace reserves which AGM sought to develop further with the support of VC Consulting as the European market for unconventionals is significantly different to the US market place in terms of the development of shale gas.