The aim of our services is to offer you an independent and unbiased assessment of your business, from experts who have experience solving the problems you now encounter. VC Consulting will guide you in the implementation of the action plan step by step, according your needs. 



One of the key problems for SMEs is maintaining direction and a strong understanding of what the overall vision of the company is.

Without this it is impossible to answer key strategic questions, such as 'who is our ideal customer?' or 'which new market are we best able to enter?'. VC Consulting's strategic services look to help you answer these questions, by offering you an independent, unbiased assessment of your business, its strengths and where you should go next.



Maintaining control over the financial aspects of business can be difficult for many firm.

It is often necessary to keep constant control over issues such as cash-flow and working capital, to ensure that the business operates smoothly. VC Consulting provide consultancy services that offer detailed forecasts, support with sourcing finance and an assessment of how your organisation uses its financial resources.



We help clients building capabilities required to achieve operational excellence across their entire value chain, and we help them designing and implementing broad-based programs that drive sustainable improvements. Services include:

  • Operations performance improvement strategy

  • Enterprise-wide process improvement

  • Operations excellence capability development and Lean/Six Sigma

  • Supply chain footprint and logistics optimisation (5S)

  • Inventory and working capital optimisation.

People & Leadership


People are the most valuable resource, especially in SMEs. Recognising key roles and responsibilities, transferring the knowledge from one part of the business to another, managing and leading people at different levels, motivating employees are some of the challenges that companies could face in the modern fast-changing working environment.

VC provides the experience to help clients dealing with these and finding efficient solutions.